Monday, March 3, 2008


Jenn was talking about making a bunny the other day, and since I'd bought the pattern from Kate a while ago, I figured I should make one too. Especially, since I have a little niece or nephew coming in the next few weeks. I already have something for him/her, but figured that a cute fuzzy bunny would be a good thing.

The yarn comes from Jenn, who exchanged it with me for some sock blockers that my husband will (eventually) be making for her. He made me some for my birthday last year, and I love them, and he graciously offered to make some for her. It's super soft, and feels like a terry cloth bath robe. Just perfect for a little baby.

The picture above was actually a spontaneous shoot because Erika had placed the bunny on her quilt like that. I couldn't have arranged it better.

Quite a collection of hand-made stuff. The quilt was made by my sister in law (the one who is having the baby). On the left of bunny is Hello Kitty, and on the left is Uniqua (which we got at the
Backyardigans live show two weekends ago) - both not hand made. They are all resting on Erika's baby blanket as a pillow, which she still sleeps with every night.

Bunny was a super-fun and SUPER-fast knit. I did it in two nights, but total knitting time was three hours or less, and then a little bit of finishing (maybe half an hour). I decided to not put in eyes/nose/mouth on this bunny, as they would just get lost in the multi colors.

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Very cute bunny!

Where on earth do I find the Backyardigans on TV. I was told it would be great for Sean, but my TV Guide doesn't show it? What channel is it on?