Saturday, March 15, 2008

That darn sock -- or Darn that sock?

Last year, at about this time, I finished a pair of socks for a co-worker. She picked the yarn and the color (STR mediumweight -- "In the navy")

She had told me a few times that she loved the socks, but since she only wore them at home, I never got to see them on her feet, nor did I know if she really wore them all the time or was just making me feel good.

Well, the other day she showed up at work with this:

and asked if I could fix her precious socks. She tells me that as soon as they come out of the wash and are hanging to dry, she sometimes can't wait for them to be fully dry, and was sad to see this big hole in the ball of the foot.

We think she probably snagged it on something on her floor, didn't realize it and then plopped them into the wash - which then made the hole bigger.

Anyone know how to fix this? The newer looking yarn in the picture is my first attempt to do some sort of duplicate stitch, but that failed miserably.

I was tempted to just take any live stitches and sew them together, but that might make it have a big pressure point on the foot.

Any help? Anyone?


Caroline said...

The same thing happened to my favourite socks just last week... I just threw them in the trash though. :P Sorry I can't help!

gaspe knitting gal said...

do you know how to darn a sock or anything else. i could show you or tell you over the phine maybe

Jennifer said...

That's under the foot? Were they knit cuff down or toe up? If they were knit cuff down I'd try to find your notes about the project (you do keep notes, right?) and get the right needle size, undo your bind off/graft at the end and unravel the toe and into the foot part until you get to the torn part. Keep unravelling until you get a few inches past that part (to have enough to weave in) then use the unravelled yarn to reknit the rest of the sock. If you run out at the very end I have a ton of sock yarn in a bazillion colours, I'm sure you could find something suitable for matching the last few toe rows.