Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Socks for dad

Yes, another new project to distract me from the never-ending Voss sweater. I'm almost done the second sleeve, but my Voss mojo seems to be waning quickly. I want to finish it, so that I can steek it and finally finish it, but since I'm only giving it for Christmas, I have no need to rush.

We're going to visit my father in Calgary soon to celebrate his 70th birthday, as well as so that Dave can see the rockies, go to Stampede and many other fun western things (including going to two yarn shops in Calgary). I'll post pictures when I'm back. I was trying to think of a perfect present, but since he has everything, it's always a challenge. I decided to make him some socks to wear around the house.

I chose to try the Austerman Step yarn with Aloe and Jojoba since I've heard raves about the yarn and felt the need to try it. It is indeed very nice to work with. I'm using 2.5mm needles and find it a bit loser that I would like, next time I'll use 2.25mm needles with this yarn, as I think it will make a nicer fabric.

He's not a big fan of color, so I chose as manly a coloway as possible. I think he'll like them. I hope he'll like them. We'll see in a month.

Like the pictures? I just got a new macro lens for my camera, and will be posting pictures of my garden soon. I my macro lens!