Saturday, March 29, 2008

My 7 deadlies

Jennifer is having a contest. She is making me think. She is also making me blog. Grumble grumble...

Without further ado (since I have no new pictures) here are my 7 deadly sins of knitting:

Pride -- I was indeed proud of the sweater I made for my nephew Joey. It has a few flaws, but I am sure proud I finished that one.
Envy -- I'm envious of all the people out there who can have a knitting-related job so they're surrounded by fiber stuff all day long. I"m also envious of people who spin and dye their own knitting yarn. I've remedied the dyeing last month when I learned that process (though I want to do more) and will be learning to spin in April. Now to get my hands on a wheel....
Gluttony -- I [heart] knitting books. I have at least 80 books now, and the collection keeps on growing. I do knit from some of them, but not all. I have also had quite a few signed by the designer (I'm also a glutton for signatures)
Lust -- I have to admit for a lust (quite severe) for luxury fibers. I have cashmere, quiviut, buffalo in my stash, as well as lots of alpaca. I just love the softness of them. I just have to actually knit them up, not keep them in my stash.
Anger -- Not exactly anger, but sadness -- the alphabet blanket that I made for my nephew (which did get used quite a bit at first) was accidentally washed in the laundry. I had made it from Zara which is supposed to be superwash. It's not. I'm not sure what setting it was at, but it was accidentally washed with the whites, so it might have been on 'hot'. It's felted now.
Greed -- related to lust and gluttony above - I will happily buy new knitting books or luxury fiber just to have them around. When in Calgary last spring, I bought over $100 on alpaca to make a log cabin blanket. When I got home, I even ordered more -- but in a navy color -- just to have all of the colors I wanted. Have I started it yet?
Sloth -- This one is pretty obvious - blogging. I don't blog enough. I just don't get around to it. I do take pictures of my stuff, but not enough, and even when I do, I don't always post them. I'm lazy about blogging and not afraid to admit it!

Hope I win. $30 would buy me a nice skein of cashmere, I also don't have any camel in my stash yet. Or some Alpaca with a little sparkle might make a nice scarf.


Jennifer said...

You're the second entry in my contest. You're also (so far) the only other entry in my contest. So far you've got 50-50 odds to win!

Good luck!

mary j said...

looking forward to seeing you again for spinning today!!! :)