Friday, March 30, 2007


So I had this crazy idea that for Christmas, I would knit friends and family dishcloths. Inspired by the Mason Dixon book I set off to get some nice cotton in blues and greens.

Not one, but TWO per person/family - for a grand total of 14 dish cloths. Good thing they were fun and fast to make.

By dishcloth number 10, I was getting a little tired of them, but plugged away. What I did notice is that using a variegated color doesn't work as well, for me at least. I've seen some nice results (don't remember where) but it the knitting mojo wasn't there for me.

In the end, all 14 dishcloths were done, and number 13 with the variegated green ended up in my kitchen. Even though my kitchen is in blues, I just didn't feel right giving it to anyone, so it's being used and abused by D and I.

J's sweater

I finally fished the body of J's sweater. This is the "Voss" pattern from Dale (inspired by the Yarn Harlot's making TWO of these for the twins), knit up for the 2 year old size. Even though I got guage, it still looks like it would fit a 4 year old! I'm glad that I didn't try to make it bigger. This is the picture of the Voss-in-progress, but I swear that the body is done! Now it's sleeve time.

Sock travels virtually

Check it out - the sock is in a museum!

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Cindy's sock in progress

This is my first time using Blue Moon socks that rock yarn. Here's the sock in progress of Cindy's sock.
This yarn is gor-ge-ous! I love knitting it. It's spun just right, so that it's a joy to knit with. And the colors - don't get me started on the colors. This is the "in the navy" colorway which is knitting up into beautiful stripes on the foot. I also have a nice purple color and a yellow/orange color which are both waiting to be knit up.