Wednesday, May 9, 2007

FOs from 2006

I have nothing new to show...I have been knitting and there is progress, but nothing exciting or photo-worthy.

I ripped out the top of the Dale sleeve that was causing me grief, reknit it, and now it's just right. Hooray! Now I need to make a second sleeve.

I do have pictures though.

In my pre-blogging days, I made a the Debbie Bliss alphabet blanket for my nephew J - also the lucky recipient of the Dale sweater. My sister-in-law just sent me pictures of J with his blankie. It's so nice to see it "in the wild" and actually being used instead of just sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Here is a picture of the blanket just after I gave it to them (Jan 2006).

Here he is with the blankie.

Here is another picture of J with his blankie

On an unrelated note - at guild last night, we had a professor from Dawson come in to give us a talk about color. Wow. He just blew my mind with some of the concepts and how to find good color combinations. My log cabin blanket that I want to make will be 3 or 4 tones of blues with a little pop of orange.