Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It feels good to give

At the last guild meeting the topic was making hats. We all were asked to bring in yarn and some big needles, and we would be making chemo hats.

I had some leftover fleece artist mohair, and Jenn gave me some chunky white yarn from her stash. They knit up together to make this:

I finished the first hat during the meeting, mostly because I was able to knit the whole time. It took me about an hour and a bit to make. I sewed it up when I got home. Here's another view of the same hat.

It was so addictive, so I asked Jenn if I could use the leftover white to make a second hat. I had enough, and figured that I should have enough of the same mohair. I ran out of mohair just at the top, so the top is plain white. I don't think it looks so bad.

I was addicted. I was loving making these hats. I remembered that when I raided Jenn's stash, she also had some dark green of the same yarn, and I had some white mohair in my stash, so the next night, I whipped up this:

I had about enough to make 2/3 of a hat left, so I made a kids hat (it was Jenn's idea, actually), so I also made this hat. The pompom at the top was a big hit with Erika (the model).

To quote the herringbone mitten pattern - respect the Pom. I used up all of the leftover white yarn, and there was next to no green leftover. All in all, quite efficient, and I have 4 hats for chemo patients who need them much more than I do.

If anyone out there has hats they want to donate (of any style, shape, size, colors, yarn makeup) please don't hesitate to contact me, or any members of the guild, and I'll bring them in to our next meeting. Our goal is to have 200 hats done by next fall when they'll be sorely needed.

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

The hats look great.

Where on earth did you get that glass head? Do tell!

Too bad I had hockey tix last guild meeting - lol.