Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sleeve is coming along

So, after the ugly first try at the sleeve of the Dale sweater, I ripped it back to the ribbing and started again.

I got information about the jogless jog from Norma, as well as some key decisions - mainly to not put any white in the first dark blue increase section, and how I do the increases, the sleeve looks much better - well, at least to me.

It will look even better after blocking I'm sure. There is only one more snowflake section to go, then the inside facing of the sleeve and this sleeve is done. After that, sleeve the second which I'm hoping will go much more quickly since I've already made all of the mistakes with this first sleeve.

I did finish the body of the sweater already, but hadn't posted any pictures yet.

Here is the finished front, with the checkerboard section ready to be cut open to make a cardigan.

Here is the back. I'm sure it will all look better after blocking.

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Jennifer said...

It looks amazing! Can I be there when you cut it? I haven't steeked yet- too chicken- although I did buy a Philosopher's kit at the Yarn Galore & More.