Thursday, April 5, 2007

Look who'se wearing my Clapotis

I recently went to a Lucy Neatby workshop (see Jennifer's site for details on what we actually did). The class totally blew my mind with the stuff we learned. Lucy is the most awesome teacher.

Here's Lucy showing her view of how the stitches behave in double knitting to Beth and Autie-Lou.

I have to say that the icing on the cake was on the Sunday afternoon for the buttonhole class when Kate Gilbert showed up. I was taking the same class as Kate Gilbert!!

She came over to chat with Jennifer and I after the class. She's totally down to earth, normal, easygoing person, even though she's a knitwear designer superstar. I'm still a little star-struck. The highlight was that she agreed to wear my Clapotis. Woot!

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Jennifer said...

I felt the same way the first time I met Kate...she was wearing the original Clapotis and I actually asked her if I could take a photo with it- that's probably the knitter's equivalent of asking for an autograph. :)