Thursday, April 26, 2007

Progress, progress and one new project

Firstly, the new project on the needles. More socks. More Socks That Rock. This time in lightweight instead of the medium weight I used for Cindy's socks. I love this colorway!!! It's mostly purple, with some lighter pink-ish highlights. I've just started the cuff since I will be downtown tomorrow and will need some new commuter knitting. I can't tell how the colors will knit up, but hopefully I'll get to the stocking stitch part on the train.

Remember this yarn? It's Silk Spun from Handmaiden in the Dragonfly colorway. I started making the shawl and got addicted to it rather quickly. Simply put, this is amazing yarn to knit with. The pattern is stupid-simple garter stitch with increases on each row. The drape is gorgeous, and I had to force myself to put it down to keep going on the sleeves for the Voss.

The picture below doesn't really show the shape of the shawl, but it will end up being a very wide and height-challenged triangle.

Speaking of the Voss, the first sleeve is finally done. There was much celebration. I'm suffering from second sleeve syndrome - a close relative of the second sock syndrome. (as can be fairly obvious by the progress on the dragonfly shawl and none on the second sleeve)

After a couple of tries to get the increases looking right, I think I finally got it. I had to modify the pattern just slightly to put only blue in the increases of the first snowflake section, and then from there, the pattern does work itself out fairly well. If ever I make this again (!!!) the main thing to note for the sleeve and the body is to pay close attention to the pattern where it suggests to start the pattern repeats. This way, the snowflakes mirror themselves where they meet.