Monday, June 11, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public day

Saturday, June 9th was World Wide Knit in Public day, so the Montreal Knitting Guild held its annual garden party in front of the church.

There were more people there than expected, and everyone had gorgeous things they were knitting. Even more people came after I snapped this picture. I had to leave around one to bring Erika back home for her nap, so if I missed anyone - sorry!

I brought out the macro lens and took photos of Barbara's shawl.

And Joanne's scarf made with beautifully soft wool.

Barbara brought a cute hand made mouse for Erika which is much loved and has its own special place on the shelf.

Mouse was soon joined by a bear dressed in adorable clothes made by Shirley. The yarn was dyed by a guild member (don't remember who) and Shirley knitted it up for the bear.

Some knitting progress has been made - my socks are progressing. Mom's shawl is progressing. I"ve gotten into the knitting of the actual shawl (instead of swatching) and have done three pattern repeats. Still ?? to go - I have to measure it to see.

Right now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to do the edges for the 4th (and above) pattern repeat since it doesn't quite match the first two - and in the original pattern it only calls for 3, then goes on to another pattern in the garden shawl. Back to sketching and drawing to figure it out!

No photos of the shawl yet though - it's a surprise!