Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Offline for a bit

We're off on vacation for two weeks, going to Calgary to visit my dad (to give him his birthday socks). I'll try to post pics of the two wool shops I plan to visit ( and -- if anyone else knows about other good yarn stores in Calgary, please leave a comment) .

See you in July! Happy Canada day!!

Knitting progress: there is some.

1 - One of the "jasper" socks is done to the toe, the other one is half way through the gusset.

2 - My Mom's shawl is on pattern repeat 5. I'm not sure how many I will do, it's starting to get longer and longer to get through each row, but I guess I knew that. Knock on wood, there are no major mistakes yet. I made one little mistake in one of the diamonds but it's hardly visible and I didn't want to rip back 8 rows!! I did take pictures of it, and will post the start to finish pictures after I've given it away.

The obligatory photograph, since there aren't any knitting photos - here is Erika chilling in the back yard and talking to her daddy. I had fun playing with it in Lightroom. I really like the black and white version.