Tuesday, May 1, 2007

OK - now what?

The Voss is the never-ending sweater from %#$@#@. Or, to be more positive, this sweater is a learning experience.

As I showed pictures of the other day, I finished the first sleeve. Last night, I finally started the second sleeve. All was looking good. I was progressing. I did the first increases after the ribbing, and things were looking like they were going much better than the first sleeve. I had learned my lesson from the first sleeve. Or so I thought. Cue the ominous music...

Just for fun, I matched up the first sleeve and placed it against the body and noticed that with the last increases I had increased the crap out of the sleeve. At the top of the sleeve, I need to increase every 3 rows 7 times. The picture just above shows the entire top to bottom shot of the sweater. The sleeve is almost three rows of snowflakes high - however the space for the steeks is 2 snowflake rows high. A more close up shot below.

I do like the way that the snowflakes line up on the body vs. sleeve, but I'm stuck to know what I should to about the 'extra' bit of snowflake? Do I rip out the last row of snowflakes on the sleeve and re-knit it without the increases, or will that make the sleeve be too constrictive?

For now, this sweater is being put on hold. I'm going to bring it to the guild next Tuesday to get advice from people much smarter than me. At least I should only have one snowflake's worth of frogging, if that's the route I end up going. I'm also wondering if I can block this sucker to make it less big, but then the rows of snowflakes won't line up. I think some riiipping is in my future. Sigh.


Jennifer said...

If you are following the pattern as written, could it be SUPPOSED to be big like that? Maybe to give extra ease in the sleeve so its not tight? Maybe you line up the motifs on the front and back and ease the rest into the underarm? Although...that's a LOT of ease for an armpit. I can't understand that pattern. Good luck! I *might* be at the next meeting, if I don't give birth first.

angie Cox said...

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