Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 FOs and a WIP

It's been a while, and there has been knitting. Quite a lot of knitting, actually. Since I'm technically working, this will be a picture-heavy post as I don't have much time to write right now. (but I've been told that you'd rather have pictures than nothing at all).

First, some photos of the puzzle pillow blanket for the new baby. I had to make it unisex because we don't know (or want to know) the sex of the baby. This is the same blanket that initiated the phone calls with Meg Swansen.

Blanket in pillow form lounging on my new terrace.

Closeup of blanket in pillow form lounging on my new terrace.

Closeup of blanket in blanket form. (on the new terrace - can you tell I love my new terrace? So much nicer than the dirt/mud we've had for most of the summer)

Blanket draped across adirondack chair (on the new terrace)

Blanket came to the park for a photoshoot, and is posing on the 'spider web' during the few moments when there were no kids climbing the thing.

I'm test-knitting a pattern for Jenn, and she's let me blog about it.

I figured that since she gave me permission, I should actually do it. This is a moss stitch/stocking stitch sweater for a baby which is so far a very easy and fun knit. You think you're about to get bored with a section and woosh, you're knitting something different.

These were taken yesterday afternoon at the park, and since then I've finished the second sleeve and have started the left front. Just need to finish the front peices, sew together, add buttons and I'm done. When she publishes the pattern in October, I highly recommend it as a fun and easy knit for any baby.

Here's the finished BSJ.

It's still missing buttons, but I'm waiting until after baby is born to see which sex it is, which determines the side of the buttons.

Here's BSJ posing on some park toys.

Last, but not least, are some baby booties.

These are done in buffalo, which I picked up while in PEI this summer. I lucked upon the Fibre Isle yarn mill, which makes the most gorgeous yarns ever! They focus on buffalo yarns, but also make some gorgeous blends. When I was there, she was also working on some buffalo sock yarn, which I'm hoping to try out soon too!

These booties were hard to photograph, as they're so light and the wind kept blowing them away. These are the softest things imaginable -- this is one lucky baby! I made the booties from this pattern - One Strand Booties. Super easy to make and very fast too.

Finally got a shot of the two of them together.

I also have a Pea Pod sweater that I am almost finished seaming together (which was put on hold for the moss stitch sweater since I had a deadline of Oct 1st for it). I guess I'll have to post again when it's finished!


Jennifer Lori said...

So I'm confused by your it buffalo or buffallo? ;]

p.s. I think you love your terasse, but you'd love a terrace even more!

p.p.s. the sweater looks great!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is too funny, I'm also test knitting her sweater in Gray! What yarn are you using?

And I'm not as advanced as you are - you'll see after baby number 2 arrives what little time there is! LOL! I'm jealous of your knitting time!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh, ha ha, you did finish it, no idea how I missed this! And I've already commented! HA HA, mommy brain fart.