Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hab-by Christmas

Look what I made tonight for my Habs-loving husband. It's not quite to scale, and is a little different from what the big boys wear, but I think it's pretty darn cute.

I've made a couple of other mini sweaters for hostess gifts for the holidays using leftover sock yarn. They're quick and easy and so much fun to make. Start to finish was about 3 hours including sewing all the ends and crocheting the C. I've already given away 2 - one to our neighbours and one to my father (I made his using leftover yarn from the socks I made him)

I still have to finish sewing up the sides of the other sweaters and making the mini-hangers. Hoping to be done these and 2 more before Christmas!!


Knitting Mama said...

That is awesome. (True habs fan house here, both hubby & I, and so will Sean be! He just doesn't know it yet, lol!)

It's totally cute!

Jennifer said...

I'm so late going through the blogs- holy cow that's cute!

I should have made a Colts one for Yannick...although doing it now would just be rubbing in the fact that they are out already...

How did you make the hangers?